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Dance Classes

Practice Locations and Times

Dance practice times and locations vary based on space, instructor availability and other restrictions. Generally, Monday and Wednesday practices are held at the Hillside Community Center.


If you wish to enroll in dance lessons, you will need to call 719-359-0465 or 719-494-9581 (Español) to find our when we will begin enrolling students again and to confirm space availability. Once you confirm space availability, you will need to complete a non-refundable NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT FEE of $30 using the link at the bottom of this page to secure a spot in the class. Space is limited.

Practice Attire

"Josephina" Practice Skirts can be purchased online at Mariachi Connection.


Practice shoes can be purchased online at Mariachi Connection.

Cost Per Student/Per Month

The cost for dance students is $25 per month. 

Make your monthly tuition payment

Call for Enrollment Information
When you have confirmed space availability for our dance classes, you may pay the $30 (non-refundable) fee and fill out the payment confirmation form.
Once you have submitted and confirmed your payment, you may fill out and submit the Dance Consent & Release Form and the New Student Info Form. Both forms can be accessed below.
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