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Meet the Staff


Ballet Folklorico de Barajas was founded by Leonor Gonzales (Barajas) in 2018. Mrs. Gonzales is a native of Colorado Springs, Colorado. She first started dancing during her high school years and later went on to teach youth in the area. As life continued, Mrs. Gonzales took some time away from formally teaching, but continued informal lessons with her children and grandchildren. With decades of dance experience, Mrs. Gonzales is excited to begin a new journey with the newly established organization, Ballet Folklorico de Barajas, where she serves as the Executive Director and instructor.

Leonor Gonzales (Barajas)
Executive Director and Instructor

Leonor is joined by her husband, Conrad Gonzales, who serves as the lead instructor with the group and three additional volunteers who are all previous students of Mrs. Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales is from San Antonio, Texas, where he too danced folklorico for many years. Mr. Gonzales is the lead instructor for Ballet Folklorico de Barajas. He served in the United States Army for over 20 years and has a Master Degree in Business Administration. 

Conrad Gonzales
Lead Instructor

Why the name
Ballet Folklorico de Barajas?

Recognizing the value of one's culture and history, Mrs. Gonzales chose the name Ballet Folklorico de Barajas. Barajas is Mrs. Gonzales' maiden name, which is a reminder of her own family's journey throughout the Americas and a reminder to celebrate the beauty and richness of cultures throughout the world.

Our Team.

Our Board of Directors volunteer their time and energy to operate Ballet Folklorico de Barajas. A special THANK YOU to these individuals for their contributions. 

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